Bad University Experiences and How to Push Through it

Hello hello hello! So, originally I wrote this post as a ‘my university experience’. But it was so painfully negative that I couldn’t bring myself to post it. I want to keep this blog as positive as I can. I understand that things do go wrong sometimes, but rather than just document how crap I’m… Continue reading Bad University Experiences and How to Push Through it

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#ImAGirlsGirl because… |More Confidence, Less Shame.

Hey beans! So it’s been a while because it’s been super-duper hectic! But now my giveaway has ended, and my nominations for Blogger Babe 2016 are coming to a close, I’m BACK! Today I have a few things to talk about: My amazing new tee-shirt that inspired this post Being unashamed; of your quirks, mistakes,… Continue reading #ImAGirlsGirl because… |More Confidence, Less Shame.

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Lulu’s Lush List | Halloween 2016 – GIVEAWAY

Hey everyone! Today is a guest post written by my good friend the lovely Lulu from the Lush Upon a Time blog! There’s also going to be a giveaway, so keep reading! I am so happy to have Lulu guest posting – she is honestly the guru for all things Lush! Be sure to check… Continue reading Lulu’s Lush List | Halloween 2016 – GIVEAWAY

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When Celebrities Disappoint | Kirstie Allsopp

Hey gorgeous people! I’m feeling much better since coil-gate (see here if you have entirely no clue as to what that may be). Today, is maybe a little bit of a negative post, so I apologise in advance – but my overall message is a positive one. So my good friend and fellow blogging babe… Continue reading When Celebrities Disappoint | Kirstie Allsopp